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Showcase Ads Fundraiser

All ads must be returned no later than Friday, October 8th in order to publish and print this program.

Download the Ad Sales Packet and take to your local businesses.

Hello Century Band Families!


On October 23rd, Century Band & Colorguard (that’s all of us!) will host our annual Marching Band Competition: The Century Showcase!


We will need help from everyone to make this a success. Volunteer signups will be out soon for you to sign up for many volunteer opportunities at this event.


In advance of the show, we need to start putting together the program. One of our major individual and group fundraisers for the year is selling ad space in this program.


There are two types of ads available:


  1. A Personal Ad: This is for families to purchase to insert well wishes and congratulations to students in the band. Great for Seniors! You can use photos, graphics, clipart, text…anything (that is appropriate for print) that you would like to say to your student.

  2. A Business Ad: This one is for you to sell to local businesses in the area. They can purchase space in the program to advertise their business, encourage their favorite marching band and/or print coupons for their company.


The details for the ads are on the attached ad sales forms. All ads and money should be put in the grey payment box in the band room. It is also very helpful if you can send an electronic version of the ad to Robin Bruner at


Please turn them in as you get them, so we can get the ads off to the publisher quickly. The earlier, the better. All ads must be returned no later than Friday, October 8th in order to publish and print this program in plenty of time for the show.


100% of the money from these ads is profit! So, 80% goes to individual student accounts and 20% goes to the band general fund!


If you have any questions, please feel free to email me, Patricia Bradley at

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