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Willamette Valley Pie Fundraiser

Orders are due on Tuesday April 4.

Delivery will be on Friday April 21.

For questions please email:

All Natural Homemade Fruit Pies

  • All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no GMO’s

  • Handcrafted with farm-fresh fuit

  • From the freezer to your oven with easy directions 

  • Two crust fruit pies are trans-fat free and dairy free

  • 9-inches and a full 40 ounces of heaven

Dutch Caramel Apple Pie

The delicious streusel topping on this pie adds to the irresistibility of this classic paring of caramel and apple.  

Cherry Crunch Pie
Ripe, plump, whole cherries are packed into our famous crust then topped with flour, sugar, butter and sliced almond crunch for a perfect combination of flavors and texture.

Marionberry Pie
Marionberries are loaded into this pie which showcases the rich flavors produced in Marion County. Add a scoop of ice ream and it will become everyone's favorite. 


Hand Pies

  • Fresh, local fruits and berries

  • Easy to pack and eat on the go

  • 5 ounces of YUM on your hands

Mixture of Granny Smith and Honeycrisp completely surrounded in our delicious pie crust delvers tender texture and terrific taste. 

Oregon Berry
Marions, Blacks, Blues and Straws - 4 different berries team together to bring a mouth watering burst of Oregon Flavors.


Cream Pies

  • All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no GMO’s

Triple Chocolate Cream

Rich and dense dark chocolate cream filling with a hand-crafted crumbly cookie sprinkle on top whole whipping cream fleurettes made fresh-baked chocolate cookie crumb crust. 

Key Lime Pie

Tangy fresh key west lime filling mixed with whole whipping cream and powdered sugar for a perfect mix of sweet and tart made on our fresh-baked graham cookie crumb crust.


Mini Pies

“Pie for you or pie for two”

  • 4 Handmade 5”, 10 ounce pies

  • All natural ingredients, no preservatives, no GMO’s

  • Freezer to oven with easy directions 

Fruit Variety

1 Apple,
1 Cherry,

1 Marionberry, 
1 Strawberry/Rhubarb

Mini Pie.png
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