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Notes From The Treasurer

Properly filled out checks are important. Checks that have not been filled out properly get rejected by the bank and create additional work in getting the check back to you to have it corrected. 

Sample Check

To fill out a check properly for Century Band Payments, please use the following format:

  1. Make the check payable to: Century Band Boosters

  2. Amount of check

  3. Amount of check written out in long form

  4. What the check is for (in the memo line)

  5. Your Signature


The check needs to be placed in the gray box in the band room. The check must be in  an envelope with legible writing. On the envelope, please write the following:

Student Name

Reason for envelope

Additional information: Check #, funny joke, stick figure drawing


Please DO NOT send cash. This can not be tracked like a check. We accept checks, cashier checks and money orders. I realize this is an inconvenience, but this way it protects both of us as there is a way to track the payments. 


If you have questions please email or call/text 971-410-8575. 

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