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C.H.O.M.P. 2023

The Century High's Outreach Music Program (C.H.O.M.P.) is a wonderful opportunity for students to continue to improve their musical skills outside of their middle or elementary school band. Throughout the program students will work with high school volunteers, professional staff that focus on their specific instrument, and with Mr. Dunlop, the Century High Band Director. 


Who: Any Hillsboro-area student, grades 5-12


Where: In the Century High School band room, please enter and exit through the South entrance.


When: Every Thursday night starting March 23rd from 6:45pm - 8:30pm. The program will end with a concert on May 18th. There will be no classes on March 30th and April 27th.


How: Registration will begin at 6:00 pm in South hall on March 23rd. The program has a music/professional instruction fee of $50.00 which can be paid on the first day, all checks must be made out to Century High School. 


Please Bring: your instrument, a pencil, your band book (5th/6th grades), and the $50 fee.

I hope to see you at CHOMP! If you have any questions, feel free to call me. Dir. Jim Dunlop 503-444-1800 x 5177

CHOMP is designed to be an opportunity for young musicians, high school musicians, and adult musicians to get together and learn from one another. This is a great chance for everyone in the HIllsoro area to take n active role in the musical education of our your. This staff has been hand-selected to provide all participants with an excellent musical experience.

This is our 26th year of CHOMP. In these past 26 years, we have had thousands of musicians participate as students and mentors. Many students have gone on to High School, College, and professional careers in music! The Hillsboro music scene has been so blessed through CHOMP.

CHOMP is not a replacement of school programs, but a supplement. As such, all students must be active in their school programs, if their school has a program.

It is important that every effort be made to attend all rehearsals. In the event that a rehearsal must be missed, please leave a message on Mr. Dunlop’s voice mail at 503-844-1800 x5177 or email Students need to come with materials needed for rehearsals. 


Everyone at all times must try to create a musical, non-threatening environment. All participants are expected to show respect and courtesy at all times.


Mr. Dunlop is the CHOMP director, and as such, all complaints are to be channeled through him. 

We are excited to have on staff:

  • Jim Dunlop - Director of bands Century High School

  • Jennifer Martinez - Flute

  • Kate Whitney - Clarinet

  • TBA- Trumper

  • Derek Bueffel - Percussion

  • Joe Aloia - Bass/Guitar

  • Carol Olsen - French Horn

  • Blake Allen - Sax

  • Joe ready - Low Brass

  • Rene Rivera - Student Organizer

  • Kassandra Gil - Student Organizer



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